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Counselling Services

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Care-based counselling for individuals, couples, and families is provided in a safe, comfortable, private country setting. ICS™ uses a variety of modalities including Positive Psychology (learned Optimism), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Law Of Attraction.

Working with teens and adults on an individual basis, we focus on the issues that are of concern to them and/or their loved ones. 

Counselling continues for as long as it is necessary – it may be for a few weeks or a few months. Clients can meet with me when dealing with an immediate personal crisis that requires only a session or two to get over a particular difficulty. You are never under any obligation to commit to a specific number of sessions. You are the best judge of what you need.


Couples and families come in to work on persistent and distressing difficulties. Family counselling for parent/teen conflict and parenting issues is provided. Couple and family sessions usually take place on a weekly basis. 

Counselling Services: Services
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