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Workplace Counselling Services

Guidance & Inspiration

As a small business owner, you can provide your employees with a big business opportunity in dealing with stress in a constructive manner. ICS™ specializes in helping people work together better. Employees benefit in both their private and professional life as they develop greater self-awareness and understanding.

To owners of small businesses (3 – 50 employees) ICS™ offers a custom-tailored and affordable counselling/coaching benefit package that could make a big difference to you and your employees. 

Engaging ICS™ as your company’s personal counsellor/coach provides you with an affordable, consistent, effective, and familiar support resource you need when you need it. With ICS™ you can be confident you have a system in place to support you and your employees to better manage stress, personal issues and work-related difficulties. 

The focus of this service is to make available goal-oriented counsel and support to help address work-related or personal issues and concerns that affect productivity, focus, employee retention, and ultimately, company success.

Workplace Counselling Services: Services
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